alumni visiting college

due to the current covid-19 pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to allow visitors into the college at this time.

we very much welcome alumni and their guests to visit college, but there are some instances when access is restricted such as during exams and when minors are visiting or staying. we therefore ask that you check with the development office before planning your visit, to avoid any disappointment. the development team are also happy to arrange guided tours during the week if someone is available: please let us know if this is something you would be interested in on your visit to college.

we have four fellows guest rooms that alumni can book (subject to availablity), as well as some student rooms possibly being available out of term.  

please contact the accommodation manager if you would like to book overnight accommodation.


samuel johnson's room.  in 2015, thanks to a generous gift from judith mccartin scheide, the small room in the lodge tower once occupied by samuel johnson as an undergraduate, was charmingly refurbished. to say it was restored to its former glory would be both dishonest and inaccurate: today’s tower is a victorian replacement for the one which existed in johnson’s time (although there is evidence that he did indeed occupy a room on the second floor) while johnson was no lover of opulence. the refurbished room is nevertheless a fitting shrine to the great man, containing a marble bust, a portrait and other memorabilia. its current occupant is a fellow of the college. alumni are invited to visit dr. johnson’s room by contacting the alumni engagement officer in the development office, andrew mitchell: at least 1 week in advance to arrange a mutually convenient time for an escorted visit.